Dunlap & Nesmith attorneys serve clients in Southwestern Indiana and Western Kentucky.

Corporate Clients

The following list is representative of our corporate clients:

  • Liberty Federal Credit Union
  • Heritage Federal Credit Union
  • Evansville Federal Credit Union
  • Diamond Valley Federal Credit Union

  • Lensing Wholesale, Inc.
  • Sysco/Louisville Food Services Co.
  • Winkler, Inc.
  • Zeidler Wholesale Floral Co.


Here is what some of our corporate clients have to say.

“Roberta Dunlap has been great to work with. She is a good collector who works to get a judgment or funds quickly.”

Anita Williams, AVP, Asset Protection, Evansville Federal Credit Union

“I was referred to Roberta and Dunlap & Nesmith through a business associate after having difficulties relying on other collection companies. With a few short conversations and emails she was out collecting and succeeding with accounts we had absolutely no luck working with. She was prompt and professional and represented us with unparalleled class. We will definitely continue using her services.”

Blake W. Mobley, President
Zeidler Floral Co., Inc.

“Roberta Dunlap has done an excellent job for us collecting on what we consider uncollectible accounts. She is knowledgeable, persistent and does an outstanding job collecting on accounts that are difficult to handle.”

Darlene V. Wefel, Controller (retired), Winkler, Inc..

“In a world that has become impersonal, Roberta treats my cases as if they were her own.”

Mark A. Nanney, former Manager of Credit Services, Sysco/Louisville Food Services Co.

“I have worked with Roberta for nearly 20 years in the collection business. Her knowledge and experience have resulted in thousands of dollars in recoveries that in most cases would be lost. She excels in post-judgment routines and asset attachment.”

Dean A. Harris, Credit Manager (retired), Lensing Wholesale, Inc.

“Roberta Dunlap is a pleasure to work with. She always provides us with exceptional service at a fair price. We are happy that she represents our company.”

Matt Ozechowski, former Collection Manager, Diamond Valley Federal Credit Union