Family Law

Representing clients in Indiana and Kentucky in family and domestic law matters

Decisions involving family matters or choices made during divorce often have long-lasting effects. To protect your interests and quality of life, it is important to choose a lawyer who listens to you, understands your objectives, and can properly evaluate your needs.

Dunlap & Nesmith is a husband and wife team of attorneys with over four decades of combined experience. Attorney William Nesmith handles matters involving the following areas of family law:

Child custody
Child support
Grandparents’ rights
Property division
Prenuptial agreements
Termination of parental rights
Modification and enforcement

Contested and uncontested divorces—negotiation, mediation, or litigation

In an uncontested divorce, a couple agrees on all divorce terms and conditions. In a contested divorce, there are disputes over particular issues, such as custody or property division. Many couples want to avoid courtroom battles for the sake of their children and resolve matters as amicably as possible outside of court. In such cases, we encourage the settlement of the divorce through negotiation or mediation.

In contrast, some divorce cases are destined for the courtroom based on extreme conflict that only a court ruling can resolve. William Nesmith is an experienced trial lawyer and can provide the support you need during litigation. Whatever legal method serves your purpose, he is committed to protecting your rights and striving for a favorable outcome.

Grandparents’ rights

As divorce rates rose over the past decades, the grandparents’ rights movement gained momentum. Many grandparents seek visitation or custody of their grandchildren, and courts often rule in their favor when it is in the best interests of the child.

However, statutes on grandparents’ rights vary from state to state:

  • Indiana restricts grandparent visitation, and requires that a parent be divorced, deceased, or that paternity be established for children born out of wedlock. When both parents are living and married to each other, the court does not hear requests for grandparent visitation.
  • Kentucky limits grandparent visitation based on whether the parent is deceased, but also, the grandparent must have provided child support to the grandchild. When adoption occurs, grandparents lose rights of visitation unless the person adopting the child is a stepparent with no termination of parental rights.

Continued legal support

As circumstances change, we continue to provide family legal help if you need modification of custody, support, or visitation. If you are looking to expand your family through adoption, we can assist through private, agency, or international adoption.

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