Commercial & Consumer Debt Collection

Collections are an essential aspect of any successful business. Whether a sole proprietor or corporation, effective collection strategies help maintain or increase your profitability. In the midst of economic decline, creditors face tougher challenges.

Roberta Dunlap has extensive experience representing companies of all sizes in collection activities, from individuals to large national corporations. In dealing with past due debts or bad loans, we work with clients at the beginning stages of collection, using initial collection letters, and arranging payment plans. We also file lawsuits in state or federal courts, and represent clients in debt collection all the way through bankruptcy where we protect creditors’ rights in bankruptcy proceedings.

Consumer collections

Banks, financial institutions, credit unions, finance companies, and landlords seek legal help in collecting consumer debt, which includes debt incurred through the following:

  • Auto loans
  • Credit cards
  • Unsecured loans
  • Secured loans
  • Mortgages
  • Retail purchases short-term credit
  • Re-financing
  • Rental leases

Commercial collections

We take legal action on behalf of enterprises engaged in business-to-business transactions, whether manufacturers, wholesalers, or retail companies. Fast, effective efforts are vital for recouping as much as possible from past due accounts. The right strategy, based on a thorough debt assessment, leads to quick recovery. You can rely on our extensive knowledge and experience in understanding contractual agreements, determining debt validity, and securing evidence to pursue debt collection through litigation.

Collection techniques and technology

Collection techniques, technological advances, and access to skip tracing services allow your lawyer to track down debtors, search databases, and use sophisticated software to monitor debtor payments. You do not have to worry about violations of the Fair Debt Practices Act and other government regulations concerning debt collection. You can trust that the right person is being sued and actions are taken within the statute of limitations.