Civil Litigation

Indiana and Kentucky civil litigation lawyers

Civil litigation covers a wide range of legal practice that does not involve criminal charges and aims to recover damages or protect against injustice. At Dunlap & Nesmith, we represent clients in civil cases in Indiana and Kentucky courts. We focus our representation primarily in the following areas.


Although state and federal laws regulate employment and provide guidelines and protection against unfair practices, disputes frequently arise between employers and employees. We represent clients in lawsuits involving employment disputes, discrimination, sexual harassment, wage and hour disputes, wrongful termination, and employer liability, to name a few.

Violations of constitutional rights are prosecuted in civil court to seek restitution for damages. Cases we represent include:

All types of discrimination
Issues involving free speech
Equal protection
Due process
Interference with voting rights
Right to privacy
Police misconduct
Excessive use of force
False arrest
False imprisonment
Malicious prosecution
Improper search and seizure

Personal injury

When someone else’s negligence or wrongful act results in personal injury, you may be able to recover damages through a personal injury claim. We handle personal injury cases that involve:

Auto accidents
Wrongful death
Slip and fall
Catastrophic injury

Estate administration/ probate litigation

We provide representation for clients in matters involving wills and trusts. Estate administration involves proving the validity of the will, identification and appraisal of property and payment of debts and taxes, along with property distribution based on the will. Trust administration disputes and will conflicts can be resolved through litigation. We represent executors, conservators, trustees, and beneficiaries in litigation over issues such as mishandling the estate, undue influence, or fraud involving estate resources.

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There is no charge for an initial consultation to discuss how civil litigation could resolve your legal issues. Personal injury and civil rights cases are taken on a contingency fee basis, which means if there is no recovery, there is no fee. Call 812-402-9970 or contact us online today.